Posted by: Calvin | November 20, 2007

Mojo’s Tall Tales

Mojo has an uncanny ability to provide unique, outrageous explanations about various topics with bold confidence.  Out of the blue, he will ask a question to see if you are familiar with the topic.  When he is sure you are clueless, he educates you.  Here is a recent Mojoism (see definition below) and how it came in to being:

(The whole family was in the car on the way home from dinner at my Mom’s house.)

Mojo:  “Mom, how long is the longest web-cast?”

Me:  “What do you mean?  Do you mean the longest in length, as in it lasts for days, or the web-cast that has been around the longest?”

Mojo:  “The one that has been around the longest.”

Me:  “I have no idea.”

Mojo:  “The longest web-cast ever was started in 1495 and is it is still going.”

Me:  “Really?  I bet it was started by Christopher Columbus, who arrived in 1492, but it took a while to hook up a generator large enough to get the Internet up and running.”

Mojo:  “Yes, that’s right!”


Mojoism:  A fictitious statement confidently uttered out of the blue by a young child who is completely convinced that what he says it true and that he is educating all in ear shot with new and useful information.


  1. Columbus was one smart dude.

  2. That boy is going to be a litigator. He can lie with the best of them. Happy Turkey!

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