Posted by: Calvin | November 18, 2007

End of Another Season

Fall Little League baseball and Pop Warner football are over . . . for now.  Friday was Baseball Boy’s last fall baseball game.  The Team Mom (not me this time!) put together a small team pizza party for after the game.  She printed pictures and made an award certificate for each player.  Baseball Boy was presented with the “Count on Me” award.  (I was pleased that he was recognized for his character, but he would have preferred being recognized for his prowess on the field.)  Mojo’s last football game was on Monday, but the award ceremony was held today.  After 2 hours of watching the cheerleaders cheer and standing in line for a cold hotdog, he finally got his medal, at which time we promptly exited.   We were all exhausted.

Since mid September, we have had only three evenings (M-F) without a pre-scheduled activity.  The next sport will be Little League baseball for both commencing in late January.  The hectic extracurricular schedule that comes with participation in sports will not be missed by anyone in this family during our short hiatus.  That said, reaching the end of a season is always a let down.  The boys grow fond of their coaches and teammates.  They looked forward to practices and even more so the games.  It is such fun for them to don the uniform and put their skills to the test.  The end of the season is also a let down for the parents.  We sit through hours of practices and games with the parents of the other players.  Just like the boys with their teammates, the parents started as strangers and ended as friends.  We all will miss spending time with our new friends.


  1. Oh, I am SO relate to those sentiments! For better or worse, our season here continues..perhaps on into your neck of the woods 🙂

    Since SportsBoy plays on a club baseball team, we are never without something. However, Dec/Jan/Feb should be slower as it will only be that team with just one practice and one game a week. When LL starts – UGH!

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