Posted by: Calvin | November 9, 2007

A Second Chance at the Big Clock

During our last spring break trip to Stuart, Florida, I saw a very large, retro clock in a store window.  The store was closed when I saw it the first time.  We were window shopping after a great meal in historic downtown Stuart.  A couple nights later we walked by and I saw it again.  I told Fisherman that I would love to have that clock.  He was fine with the purchase, but challenged me to choose whether it would take the place of our luggage or our boys in the car on the way home.  He was right.  It would be a hassle.  I could have paid for shipping, but that would be no small number $$.  Common sense prevailed.  I did not buy the clock.  (I so dispise when his common sense interferes with my retail therapy!)

 Tonight we ate at a relatively new restaurant at the mall by our house.  The restaurant is next to a Bombay Company store, which has “Going out of Business” signs all over the front window.  Luckily Mojo talked me into going shopping after dinner while Fisherman and Baseball Boy waited for the check.  We checked out the sale at Bombay Company.  In the very back of the store was a very large clock similar to the clock I saw in Stuart . . . on sale!  I bought it!   I can’t wait to hang it on the bare wall in my living room! 

(I forgot to “publish” the above Friday post.  Just for yuks, I figured out how to change the clock on my site so WordPress thinks I posted on Friday, even though it is already Saturday!  Since I wrote the original post above, the clock has been hung in the heretofore bare spot on our family room wall.  It looks great.  The boys love it and have paraded at least 4 neighbors through the house to see it.)



  1. Good for you. I have my eye on “Mrs. Weasley’s Clock”. I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

  2. Sounds neat….can you post a picture?


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