Posted by: Calvin | November 8, 2007

Fishing Music

We call it “fishing music” in our house.  You probably refer to it a “country music” if you refer to it at all.  I grew up in a suburb of Motown and would not have been caught dead listening to country music in my early years.  Now I am a big fan.  When I first moved to Southwest Florida, I mentored a 9 year old girl.  I recall as I drove down the road with her, she turned the knob on the radio to a country music station.  I told her I did not care for that type of music.  With amazing foresight and wisdom, she said, “If you are going to live in Florida, you are going to have to start liking country music!”  I told her she was nuts.  Since then I have bought more country CDs than any other genre and have added Toby Keith, Vince Gill, Sugarland and Rascal Flatts (2x) to the long list of live concerts I have attended.  On the list of musicians I would like to see live, most are country stars.  So who do I blame for this drastic change in my charactor . . . my husband, Fisherman.  From out first fishing trip together to our most recent, we have listened to country music while we fish (or while he fishes and I read).  Now I associate country music with fishing (or just boating) and love both.  When my oldest son was old enough to request music in the car he would say “I want fishing music!”  Now he has realized that there are other genres, so it seems I will broaden my horizons yet again.  But, . . . if you think I will ever willingly listen to rap, you are truly, certifiably nuts!

Here are the crooners/groups I have on my list of favorite country music artists (in no particular order and I am sure I will forget to mention some):

  • Rascal Flatts
  • Alan Jackson
  • Garth Brooks
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Tim McGraw
  • Reba McEntire
  • Martina McBride
  • Kieth Urban
  • Brad Paisley

 What do you play in your car or boat?



  1. I don’t think it’s possible to graduate from Texas A & M like I did and not develop a taste for country music. Even though I grew up in Texas, I never listened to country until I went to college, and then I listened to country and 80s New Wave. Yes, really. Have you ever listened to Pat Green? These days if I’m in a country mood at all, I play his stuff, old George Strait CDs, or my new favorite Aggie singer, Granger Smith. But mostly, I’m an NPR in the car girl.

  2. Did you know that my Princess IS a butterfly.

  3. I hope that “I’m gonna miss her” (Brad Paisley’s ‘fishing song’) is part of the repertoire! He is my favorite. I figured out that one of the main things I like about Country music (which I did not like at all until I was an adult), has nothing to do with the music….its the sense of humor. The “music appreciation” part of my brain is pretty limited, but the “humor” part of my brain is well developed, and country often feeds that love. I also like Carrie Underwood (or Underpants, as she’s known here). I said from the first time I saw her on AI she was going to be a Country star……the night she sang Independence Day (originally by one of my other favorites–Martina), I said she’s going to be a superstar. I still remember the duet she did with the singer from Rascal Flatts while on AI….she was just as good as he was. I just bought the new Rascal Flatts CD and next on my list is the George Strait CD.

  4. Ew, ew, and ew. How can I still be friends with you? From Motown to MudFlatts, or whateverthehell the name is? Puhleeze. The only country music I can tolerate is Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lyle Lovett, and Carrie Underwood. Gimme a backbeat anytime.

  5. Fishing music is what we do!
    Give The Bobbers a listen. I am certain you will find something you will like.
    Fish On!!

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