Posted by: Calvin | November 4, 2007

What Time Is It?

I do not wear a watch.  When you wear a watch you tend to look at it often, whether or not you want to know what time it is.  As an attorney, I charge for my time using an hourly rate.  I decided many moons ago that clients do not appreciate having their highly paid attorney (no matter how much you charge, your client is convinced you are highly paid) look periodically at their watch.  I had a problem breaking the habit, so I do not wear a watch.  When I am not at home, in my car or in my office, I use my Blackberry as my time piece.  Seeing I am usually running a little behind, when I first purchased the ” hand held device”, I set it 10+/- minutes fast.  (I realize that makes little sense seeing I know the clock is fast, but somehow I am convinced that I am tricking myself into being early or at least on time.)  Last week, when day light savings time was originally scheduled to begin, my Blackberry automatically changed the time for me by deducting exactly one hour.  I decided to leave it alone.  I figured it may take me a week to reset it at which time I would have to start the process all over again.  All week I had to concentrate to figure out what time of day it was.  Now instead of three steps to determine the time of day: 

  1. Take Blackberry out of case; 
  2. Look at time (at night another step of turning on the light on the Blackberry face must be added here); and
  3. Deduct 10 minutes,

last week it took six steps:

  1. Take Blackberry out of case;
  2. Look at time;
  3. Wonder why something is not quite right;
  4. Remember that day light savings time has not ended yet;
  5. Add an hour; and
  6. Deduct 10 minutes.

So . . . in addition to being thrilled to have an extra hour added to the day (with kids in the house, it is silly to think that I will get an extra hour of sleep), I am excited to go back to a mere 3 steps to determine the time of day!



  1. DANG why don’t we all just move to some tropical island where they only time you really have to be concerned about what time it is would be to answer one of the following questions
    1) is the bar open yet
    2) is it time for my massage.

    YEP that’s my plan and I”m sticking to it.

  2. Just remember, regardless of what your clients are demanding, “It’s 5:00 somewhere”.

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