Posted by: Calvin | October 26, 2007

Psycho Little League Mom

This evening I nearly became the psycho little league parent who yells at the umpire and suggests that he has his eyes checked.  It was not a great night.  Baseball Boy is playing “Fall  Ball”.  It has been interesting, but not exactly fun.  He is the youngest player on his team and playing “Triple A” rules.  By that I mean, the players can steal bases and bunt.  He plays two games and has one practice each week (which is a reduced schedule compared to the spring league).  There are only 4 teams, so they play the same team every Friday and trade off playing the other 2 teams every other week.  He is learning a lot and becoming a better player, but I fear the horrendous volunteer umpires are tainting his love for the game.

The Coach of the team we play every Friday afternoon volunteered to umpire tonight’s game.  BIG MISTAKE!  We now know he either is not well versed with the rules of baseball or actually does need to have his eye sight checked.  I volunteer by keeping score, so I sit behind home plate and I am forced to pay attention.  In addition to the major mistakes Friday Coach made that irked many parents tonight (such as the lack of an identifiable strike zone, calling a runner out when the tag was made with an empty glove and calling a runner safe due to lack of a tag on a force out), I noticed many other less obvious ump errors (such as calling a walk on multiple occassions following a pitch on a 2-2 count).  For the most part, I tried to just keep quiet.  Being quiet is not easy for me, but I really do not want to be one of those parents.  I finally let my disagreement be known in the bottom of the last inning when he called Baseball Boy “out” on a third “strike” that hit the ground in front of home plate.  You will be glad to know, I simply hollered “You have got to be kidding . . . the ball was in the dirt!”  It was with significant effort that I fought back the urge to hurl a string of over zealous insults at Friday Coach.  As I felt a tinge of guilt for the nastiness within striving to escape, I noticed several parents from the other team looking at each other with puzzled looks on their faces.  One mom asked, “He called that a strike?”  The company of others who agreed with with my assessment of the bad call and who clearly had a sincere empathy for my son’s pain helped to calm me down (a little).  I bit my tongue, shook my head and marked a “K” in the score book.   I looked at that “K”.  It stared back at me.  I couldn’t stand it.  With a mother’s editorial license, below the “K” I wrote “NOT”!  It was the second out of the inning.  The next batter popped out.  The horrible game was mercifully over.

On my way to the dugout to retrieve my crying son, while trying to figure out how to turn this blatant negative into a positive, I came across another complaining parent on our team.  In agreement with their disgust, I simply said “I strongly suggest that when (Friday Coach) is asked to volunteer to umpire another game, that he say ‘No!'”  If the speed of Friday Coach’s departure from the field is any indication, my advice will be heeded.



  1. Hey you know — sometimes the coach IS blind

  2. LOL! Ah, my dear, we live in similar worlds. I too was score keeper during my son’s past LL season. I too have a small issue with holding my tongue! Alto2 can attest to that 😉 I too used some motherly editorial license within the score book at times. Though I applied it to all the kids on our team. One game we had an umpire – paid mind you – who I swear had taken the last bus out of the retirement home to get to the game. Dear me that poor man looked like he could barely stand for a full 6 inning game let alone call balls and strikes (and forget about plays in the field which had to seem miles away to him). Ah, the joys of LL baseball.

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