Posted by: Calvin | October 17, 2007

Jeopardy Predictions

My good friend Alto2 is going to be on Jeopardy tomorrow night.  She has become a bit of a local celebrity.  Today she called to ask if I wanted to share her limelight on a local television newscast.  Of course, I accepted!  It was great fun.  The reporter from our local NBC affiliate met her at our childrens’ school.  Her three boys got to temporarily skip class and join us in the Grove for the filming.  Unfortunately, Alto2 was stuck in traffic and missed the interviews of Wizard and Wild Thing.  The boys were great!  It was obvious how proud they are of their mother and how much fun this experience has been for them as well.  Wizard was a pro.  He spoke clearly and eloquently.  His vocabulary was stellar.  Wild Thing was shy, giggly and very endearing.  When Alto2 drove into the parking lot, the boys all ran to greet her with the cameraman close at their heels.  Alto2 settled in with her proud boys at her side and gave a fabulous interview.  As you might expect, the end product was a fraction of the stories they had to tell (luckily they did not use the part that their Mom thought Alex is a “snob”), but artfully thrown together with less than 3 hours to air time.  I even had two bit roles in the news piece that survived the cutting room floor.  The first was a long shot of Alto2 and I while she urges me to zip the zipper on my pants and the second was my admission to failed attempts to bribe her minor sons into telling me the outcome of the show.

A trait I have learned about Alto2 in the midst of her stardom is her ability to keep a secret.  She has really taken seriously the 9 page nondisclosure the folks at Jeopardy made her sign.  She has not told anyone besides her husband and sons (who were in the audience during the taping) the outcome of the show.  Therefore, I will have to make my own predictions.  I am making them tonight so that if I am right, I can prove that I was right!  I predict that she wins on tomorrow’s show and that her winnings exceed $15,000.  She will go on for another 2 shows with similar winnings on each. 

Regardless of the outcome,  it has been great to see Alto2’s dream become a reality.  It inspires me to seek out my dreams . . . after I figure out what they are!



  1. Thanks for the insight into Alto2’s local celebrity moments. I can’t wait to watch the show tomorrow!

  2. OH — I like that. I think I’m in some agreement with you. I know Alto2 is having a viewing party tomorrow, and I don’t think she would do that if she had humiliated herself :}.

    I can’t wait to see what happens.

  3. VERY good interview. I can’t wait to see Alto2’s appearances.

  4. I am with you on the prediction. I know in my heart she made it on more then one episode. I have no idea what to predict for the money amount.

  5. we don’t get jeopardy in Australia, so I have to see it through the articles and news reports that you guys post up

  6. It was great to see YOU on TV too!!

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