Posted by: Calvin | October 9, 2007

Birthday List

My birthday is quickly approaching.  I have been instructed by Fisherman to make a list of my birthday desires.  In no particular order, I would greatly appreciate one or all of the following:

  1. An entire day with no responsibilities whatsoever.
  2. A self-loading dumpster in my driveway to clear out the excess items in my house.
  3. A magic wand to renovate and redecorate my house, inside and out.
  4. A no contingency, cash buyer for our investment property.
  5. A chance to reconnect with my friends from law school.

Given the current condition of the real estate market, I am thinking that the most unrealistic wish is #4.



  1. You get #1 if you take a weekend away for yourself, unless you’re considered the “foodie” amongst your peers, in which case it’s meal-planning for 12. Ugh. You could get #1 if we planned a get-away; drive or fly, you pick. I get the dumpster and the wand after you’re done with them. I am not buying your property, but I suggest you bury St. Joseph in it’s yard b/c he’ supposed to help.

    Law school friends? Call them or email them, like I do.

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