Posted by: Calvin | October 2, 2007

Go Rockies!

We took Baseball Boy (my 8 year old son) and MoJo (my 6 year old son) to Colorado this summer.   I had decided a while ago that it would be a great goal to take the boys to every major league baseball field before the inevitable day they refuse to take vacations with their parents.  So, before we picked our dates for the trip, I consulted the Colorado Rockies schedule and determined that August 12, 2007 was not only a home game, but it was “Backpack Day!”  Every child attending the game that day would receive a free backpack.  It sounded perfect.  I proceeded to spend thousands of dollars on four round-trip airline tickets and hundreds of dollars on game tickets to be in Denver that day to collect the free backpacks.  We were joined at the game by two of my cousins, Cousin JK from Denver and Cousin Brew from Boulder, who proceeded to buy the boys stadium dogs and more souvenirs.  The Rockies won the game and my sons’ hearts that day.  Baseball Boy now wears his “Lucky Hat” (one of the many gifts from Cousin Brew) every day and keeps it on the pillow next to him every night while he sleeps.

There were almost as many Cubs fans as Rockies fans a Coors Field on August 12, 2007.  It was far from a sellout crowd.  The season had been relatively mediocre for the Rockies.   Then . . . we attended a game.  Since that hot day, their season has turned around.  As I write this entry tonight, we are watching the Rockies play the Padres in a tie breaker for the wild card spot in the MLB National League playoffs.  It is 6 to 6 as the 10th inning begins.  Win or lose, we love the Rockies!


MoJo and Baseball Boy at Coors Field with their backbacks and their lucky hats from Cousin Brew!

 P.S. (a true “post” script added 10/2).  At 11:57 PM EST the Padres had just completed the top of inning 13.  They were up by 2.  One of their players hit a 2 run homer.  As much as a wanted to, I could no longer stay awake.  I feel asleep sad for my sons that the Rockies may lose the game.  At 2:37 AM, MoJo woke me up.  He had a fever at 102.  After medicating the child, I turned on Sports Center (a choice I rarely make) to see what happened while I slumbered.  THE ROCKIES WON!  Our favorite player, Matt Holliday, hit a 2 RBI triple, then was hit in to score the winning run.  Both MoJo and I fell asleep happy, despite the fever.  I told him when he got up that he had “Rockie Fever”!  Apparently, not only does your team win when you have “Rockie Fever”, but you also get to stay home from school!



  1. You know — if the Rockies win the series this year — people will start PAYING you to come visit their teams.

  2. We may have to shield this post from TPgoddess b/c she’s a true-blue Padres fan.

  3. Oh ouch ouch ouch!!! Well, my boy and I were on the opposing roller coaster of emotions. So sad.

    However, we don’t hate the Rockies. In fact, I have a lot of respect for Todd Helton who is one of the classiest ballplayers around and I am happy for him that he has a chance at the Post Season. And Matt Halliday 🙂 He should be the league MVP, no doubt. still hurts though 😦

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