Posted by: Calvin | September 26, 2007

The DVR List

It is time to set the DVR for the this year’s first run shows.  The DVR has turned me into a fall and winter TV junkie, but on my own terms.  I watch what I want, when I want, with no commercials, in a fraction of the time it takes to watch the shows “live”.   Here are some shows that I plan to DVR:

  • Bones
  • Boston Legal (“Denny Crain!”)
  • CSI (the best of the CSI trilogy)
  • CSI Miami (a friend’s friend’s son is a writer/producer of this show – what better reason than that to watch religiously?  Stay tuned at the end of each opening act for Horatio’s cheesey “Dube Line”!)
  • CSI New York
  • Dirty Jobs (I use this one to bribe reward my boys for good behavior!)
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Las Vegas
  • Numbers
  • NCIS
  • Private Practice (new this year)
  • Shark
  • The Unit
  • Without a Trace

 What is on your DVR List?



  1. Unlike Miami Vice, CSI Miami is not filmed in Miami. Therefore, I will not watch it. I’m not surprised to see how little TV we have in common. From your list, I’ll watch Dirty Jobs (occasionally), Grey’s Anatomy (religiously), Private Practice (without the husband). I’m curious about Bones, too.

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  3. You have to go read ….
    this post to find out.

  4. Mines on my blog!

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  6. Responded on my blog too!

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  8. […] to my list this year (shows that were on my list last year are in bold; shows that were not on my list last year are not; shows on probation – if it doesn’t get better it is outta here – are in […]

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