Posted by: Calvin | September 24, 2007

The “List”

What is the “List”?  There is not just one list.  Like so many busy people, I have many lists.  The least important lists I write down:  the grocery list; the week’s appointments; what work my clients’ want done yesterday.  The most important lists are in my head:  the hopes I have for my children’s future; the reasons I love my husband; the places I want to see; the things I want to do; the friends I have lost touch with over the years.  Why is it that we tend to the lists that are the least important, rather than prioritize the truly meaningful lists? 

Frankly, I had no idea what a blog was until early this year.  Alto2 told me about her blog and gave me her site address so I could read it.  My first unspoken thoughts were “I am glad you seem to enjoy this ‘blogging exercise’, but . . . You have got to be kidding!  Number 1, how do you have enough spare time to write a blog; and Number 2, who has enough spare time to read it . . . certainly not me!”  As I drove home that evening, I thought more about it and couldn’t wait to log on to check it out.  Of course, I started by searching the site for posts in which I had been mentioned.  As I read those posts, I found that I was learning things about my friend that I had not known before.  Before long, I had read every post and had a greater understanding of who she is and what matters to her. 

As I became more familiar with blogging, I became envious that so many inspired people were documenting their lives and thoughts.  What a wonderful gift for friends, family and themselves.  Last week I reprimanded Alto2 for not posting more regularly to her blog.  It was some time later that day that the light bulb went on in my head.  I realized that having a blog of my own was on one of my unwritten lists.  Too often we do not take the time to give to others or ourselves the gifts that really matter.  My hope for this “blogging exercise” is that it will help me to put into writing all of those truly meaningful, unwritten lists. 



  1. “Insight” … it’s the new word for “snooping”. 😉 I started writing because I needed to speak my mind about certain things. Not that anyone cared, but I did. Glad you’re here. Now I get to have some more “insight” on you!

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