Posted by: Calvin | September 22, 2007

Hello world!

What does a busy Mom do at midnight on a Friday, after a busy week working full time; driving miles carting two sons between home, school and multiple extra-curricular activities; tending to business matters for my husband while he fishes; and finalizing plans for our last minute weekend get-a-way . . . start a blog!  My dear friend Alto2 has a blog so why shouldn’t I?  I would write more now, but I am too exhausted.  I guess I will just add it to the list . . .


  1. Calvin, welcome to the blogosphere! Now, we’ll both have to post regularly so we keep our readers happy.

  2. We’ll be watching you.

  3. Welcome to WordPress….I look forward to reading your blog!
    MLL…..also Alto2’s friend 🙂

  4. Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere, Calvin. I look forward to dropping by again.

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging. It’s a great experience.

  6. Just to let you know that Marcia mentioned you on her blog:

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